About us

Hydrogen Europe is the leading organization representing European based companies and stakeholders that are committed to moving towards a (circular) carbon neutral economy. 

With more than 350 companies, 20 EU regions and 30 national associations as members, we encompass the entire value chain of the European hydrogen and fuel cell ecosystem. 

Our vision is to propel global carbon neutrality by accelerating European hydrogen industry and we are the industrial key partner of the Clean Hydrogen partnership.

Board of directors

The Association is administered by a Board of Directors composed of twelve (12) directors.

Current members of the Board are:

Jon André Løkke

Position : Chair
Company : NEL Hydrogen
Mandate until : 01/07/2023

Oliver Weinmann

Position : Treasury
Company : Vattenfall
Mandate until : 30/06/2022

Aivars Starikovs

Position : Member
Company : Latvian Hydrogen Association
Mandate until : 01/07/2023

Christelle Werquin

Position : Member
Company : France Hydrogene
Mandate until : 30/06/2024

Didier Stevens

Position : Member
Company : Toyota
Mandate until : 30/06/2022

Gerrit A. Marx

Position : Member
Company : IVECO
Mandate until : 30/06/2024

Glenn Llewellyn

Position : Member
Company : Airbus
Mandate until : 30/06/2024

Gunnar Groebler

Position : Member
Company : Salzgitter
Mandate until : 30/06/2024

Hege Rognø

Position : Member
Company : Equinor
Mandate until : 01/07/2023

Melissa Verykios

Position : Member
Company : Helbio
Mandate until : 30/06/2024

Patrick Huber

Position : Member
Company : H2Energy
Mandate until : 01/07/2023

René J.M. Schutte

Position : Member
Company : Gasunie
Mandate until : 30/06/2022


Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Fraile

Chief Policy Officer

Nevena Saric

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Jackson

Chief Funding and Intel. Officer

Vera Ventura

Executive Assistant


Andrea Maria Zaccardi

Lighthouse, Project Manager


Antigone Pafiti

Junior Officer, Policy

Bastien B. Cantalloube

Officer, Industry Policy

Felicia Mester

Director, Public Affairs

Giulia Castelnovo

Officer, Infrastructure and Buildings Policy

Henrik Arhold

Intern, Policy

Ioannis Moraitis

Director, Executive coordination

Luca Marsili

Junior Officer, Industrial Development Policy

M. Assumpció R. T.

Director, Industrial Development Policy

Marton Antal

Intern, Industry Policy

Matteo Azzimonti

Junior Officer, Mobility Policy

Viktor Borecký

Manager, Mobility Policy


Beatrice Boarolo

Intern, Funding & Financing

Dinko Durdevic

Analyst, Intelligence - Mobility Apps

Dominik Richter

Analyst, Innovation

Grzegorz Pawelec

Director, Intelligence

Ivan Petar Yovchev

Intern, Intelligence

Joana Fonseca

Analyst, Intelligence

Katarina Muse

Manager, Regional Pillar and Industry

Matus Muron

Senior Analyst, Intelligence

Marie Espitalier-Noël

Manager, Funding and Financing

Mario Lamagna

Innovation Officer

Michael Diderich

Director, Innovation

Priscilla F. de Carvalho

Junior Analyst, Intelligence


Amy Allsop

Officer, Communications

Clarisse Auriol

HR & Admin Assistant

Claudia Consalvi

Junior Officer, Events

Daniel Dapiaggi

Manager, Business Dev. Membership

Mia Klokkerholm

Intern, Communication

Michela Bortolotti

Director, Communications

Nicola Liverani

Intern, Communication

Silvia Sulis

Junior Assistant, Biz Dev & Membership

Tina Marolt

Director, Events