Dii Desert Energy will hold its 12th Dii Desert Energy Leadership Summit ‘The Accelerated Energy Transition’ on Thursday, 3rd November, at the St. Regis – the Nile in Cairo.


Launched in 2009 as an industry-led initiative, Dii Desert Energy (formerly ‘Desertec Industrial Initiative’) is an independent think tank and international network operating from Dubai. Within the framework of Desertec 3.0, our mission is to accelerate the energy transition in the MENA region leading to a swift supply of green electrons and molecules across the regional and global energy value chains. In early 2020, the MENA Hydrogen Alliance was launched to kick-start green hydrogen economies.

Responding to the global climate actions and the current geopolitical context, the MENA region has the best cards for becoming the most important green energy ‘Powerhouse’ globally through international green energy trade. With the many recent announcements, Egypt clearly has the ambition to become a regional, if not a global trading hub for green electrons and molecules. After hosting the second edition in 2011 in Cairo, we are thrilled to come back to Cairo to honour Egypt’s leading role in the energy transition. The conference will, thus, be fully dedicated to the accelerated energy transition in the Arab region, encouraging sustained prosperity and stability in the region through local value creation and new green jobs.

This is an excellent opportunity to engage in discussions and shape strategies just before COP27, and get together to join forces to accelerate the energy transition.

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