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28 Sep.


Reykjavík, Iceland |

CHARGE is an international and multi-stakeholder event in the energy sector covering generation, transmission and distribution sectors. It has created a platform to advance communications within the energy space. The event seeks to explore the frontiers of communications, innovation and sustainability and bring together hands-on experience, best practices and cases along with academic insight with the aim of highlighting untapped potential within the energy space by putting to use world-class branding practices.

The CHARGE AWARDS are handed out at the conference, and they are a unique celebration for the energy space. The awards honour companies and organisations that think ahead and invest their time and resources in their brand.

The aim is to create a shortlist of eligible brands who are offered to participate in this competition, a global panel of 40 professionals from the energy sector, marketing, consulting and academia, suggests energy brands according to strict criteria.

Since 2016, around 70 brands have made it as far as becoming finalists for the CHARGE Awards. gathered input from 50.000 energy customers from around the world in exploring what they think a successful energy brand looks like.