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08 Jun.

Hydrogen in the EU: The role of hydrogen in the future transport sector

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With 25% of the GHG emissions attributable to transport, and the requirement to reduce them by 95% by 2050, there is no other way than to opt for massive electrification of transport, spurred by introduction of renewables, including both battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles which complement each other. Without efficient electric power drive systems such as fuel cells the long-term climate goals cannot be achieved. Fuel cell vehicles offer emission-free driving without changing personal habits.

This webinar will be introduced by Leon Stille (Manager, EDI) and Nicolas Brahy (Director, Hydrogen Europe). From there, 2 experts from Hydrogen Europe will zoom in on how to decarbonise the transport sector by using hydrogen: Sabrine Skiker will discuss the role and future of hydrogen in the road transportation sector and Ludovic Laffineur will discuss the role of hydrogen in the maritime sector.


  • Hydrogen to decarbonise the transport sector;
  • The role and future of hydrogen in the road transportation sector: PRESENTATION
  • The role and future of hydrogen in the maritime sector PRESENTATION

Experts from Hydrogen Europe:

  • Nicolas Brahy, Director
  • Sabrine Skiker, EU Policy Manager - Land Transport
  • Ludovic Laffineur, Policy Manager - Ports, Ships and Aviation

Moderator: Leon Stille, Manager, EDI

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