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27 Oct.

VDMA P2X Conference – From Producton to Application

Heidelberg |

Mechanical and plant engineering is a key industry for climate protection, both as a technology provider and as a user of new technologies. As Europe strives to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, technological solutions for transport, heating and industry are becoming more important. Sector integration, the direct and indirect use of electrical energy needs to play a crucial role. Especially in transport, heating and industry, the indirect use of electrical energy – Power-to-X or P2X technologies – will be essential for achieving climate neutrality.

With the working group Power-to-X for Applications VDMA has already established a cross-sectoral platform for exchange and representation of interests in the area of process engineering, the production of synthetic fuels and feedstock via P2X technologies.

The international VDMA Conference P2X – From Production to Application – now brings together plant and component manufacturers as well as users from different sectors to discuss technical challenges and barriers of future P2X technologies. An early consideration of the technical challenges many stakeholders face is crucial in view of the likely market developments and respective policy frameworks. The conference therefore offers the opportunity and an interactive platform for plant and component manufacturers as well as suppliers and end-users to address these pressing technical questions.

Further information on the conference contents will be available on this page shortly.