The Hydrogen Europe’s Lighthouse Initiative aims to support the speed up and the implementation of large-scale hydrogen projects in Europe and generate momentum around them. The Initiative will also foster synergies and build upon complementarities that aim to accelerate hydrogen roll out efforts. The following projects are currently part of the Lighthouse Intiative:

HyDeal: How to reduce CO2 emission of heavy industry (steel and fertilizer plants) in the north of Spain, by producing hydrogen inland and transport it by gas pipes to the production sites on the sealine.

White Dragon: The Greek vision in Western Macedonia to deplete the coal energy production and substitute it with green hydrogen, by creating also new jobs and reskill knowledge.

Green Falcon: What to do when you have little renewable energy available and need to cut CO2 emissions to maintain industrial production, the Poland case.

HySynergy: A view on how to capture renewable energy that normally will be wasted and use this energy to reduce CO2 emissions of a refinery.

bLion: The Bulgarian way forward to modernise a country and meet CO2 reduction targets.


  • Spearhead the roll-out of large-scale hydrogen project implementation
  • Complement the EU Clean Hydrogen Alliance and Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)


  • Large scale, international, advanced, close to economic viability and integrated projects
  • Criteria:
  • Total investment cost > 1 bn Euro
  • Large scale: 1 GW
  • High level of maturity for the investment decision
  • Start of realisation by YE 2023 latest
  • Significant Climate and employment relevance

The Toolbox


Priority technical support 

By HE support team


Project maturity assessment

Expert assessment organised by HE


Visibility creation

Both at EU level as well as in the hydrogen community, by HE Comms 


Bankability assessment

Via Advisory service of the EIB


Investor presentation

When projects ready for investment, by HE


Regulators issues Feed-In

Regulatory issues addressed by the relevant HE workstreams


Partner Scouting

Finding partners with specific skills, technologies, specific up-take requirements, by HE


Money map assistance

Identification and facilitation of most appropriate resource and programs, by HE