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H2SHIPS aims to foster the creation of a H2 supply chain for water transport in the North-West Europe (NWE) area. Based on the demonstration of a complete H2 system for zero-emission propulsion, applied to three complementary use cases (passengers, freight, industrial services), it will bring H2 closer to market uptake and identify the necessary conditions for a dedicated H2 system: value drivers, innovation needs, regulatory obstacles, synergies with other H2 applications. H2SHIPS will spur wide behavioural change and highlight opportunities for stakeholders with the creation of a H2SHIPS cluster. Also ensuring public acceptance, it will propose a blueprint for H2 integration in water transport policies and make of NWE a global competence centre for H2 propulsion.

To achieve this, the H2SHIPS pilot will test three sub-systems whereby a transport service creates value by shifting to a zero-emission propulsion system. Based on the needs and characteristics of each water transport market segment, H2SHIPS will develop a comprehensive framework for H2 adoption across actors of the supply chain.


Figure: Demonstrating use cases for H2 propulsion

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