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Ansaldo Energia S.p.A.

Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. (AEN) has a number of combustion technology programs devoted to the development and implementation of combustion systems that allow the burning of hydrogen (H2) in a dry, lean premixed design. AEN has participated to European and international projects including EncapCO2, DECARBIT and BigH2.


For their current new manufacture F-class and H-class turbines, the GT26 and GT36, respectively, tests were preformed on these annular and can-annular "sequential combustion" designs at full engine-condition test cel rig at DLR (German Aerospace Institute in Cologne). Results show the current ability to consume upwards of 40% H2 by volume with low emissions and good stability.


For "retrofit" combustion system solutions, that is, replacements of other-OEM designed combustors with Ansaldo technology, the F/H-Class FlameSheet™ combustion systemhas shown the ability to consume 65% H2 by volume in the DLR test rig with no diluent at low emissions with good stability, operating at a customer site in the USA (limited to 5% H2 by volume due to customer delivery limits at this time). This platform technology is expected to be capable of 100% H2 as a retrofit with the implementation of a defined development roadmap.


Finally, for mature E-Class industrial gas turbines, Ansaldo's LEC-III™ combustion system platform is operating in a Dutch customer's engine in dry, lean premixed mode at upwards of 30% H2 by volume, but capable of additional amounts with continued technology implementation.

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