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BDR Thermea Group BV

BDR Thermea Group manufactures and distributes smart thermal comfort solutions with a near-zero carbon footprint to building owners and users.

Carbon-free heating is no longer a vision of the future: it’s possible today with our 100% hydrogen boiler. Equally compact as natural gas condensing boilers, it fits into every home. And with similar installation procedures, it doesn’t require extra training for installers. This pioneering technology is a major step for decarbonizing heating. Already today, our products can use a mix of 20% added hydrogen!


BDR Thermea Group applies a multi-strand pathway to reach the net zero goal by 2050, because there is no ‘silver bullet’ that leads to sustainability. Gaseous forms such as hydrogen, electricity and heat networks jointly help us to increase sustainability, and thus reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that the energy supply will be a mix in which there is room for different energy carriers. Therefore we offer a diversity of solutions such as hydrogen boilers, electrical heat pumps, and fuel cells.

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Dennis Mikkelsen ,Group Corporate Communication Manager ,+31653560760
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Max Kokhuis ,Marketing and Communication Consultant ,+31634059179

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