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Danish Power Systems

Danish Power System

Danish Power Systems is a dynamic development- and manufacturing company working in the fields of chemistry and energy with primary focus on fuel cells.

Danish Power Systems works with a fuel cell technology called HTPEM and manufactures the critical component called a MEA in which electricity is generated by a reaction between a hydrogen containing gas (typically based on methanol) and air. The only byproducts are heat, CO2 and water.

New energy technologies are time-consuming and expensive to develop, but HT-PEM fuel cells are one of the most promising fuel cell technologies emerging. This technology has a number of advantages that makes it economically and technically feasible to deploy the fuel cell technology in a number of specific applications, e.g. in methanol vehicles, power generators and telecom towers.

Danish Power Systems is one of the very few companies in the world that can manufacture the material, polybenzimidazole (PBI), which the fuel cell’s polymer membrane is made of, making us incredibly competitive on the fuel cell market.

Danish Power Systems has established excellent research and development relationships with both nationally- and internationally leading companies and universities, e.g. MIT, Stanford University, Yonsei University, DTU and many more. This gives us a unique understanding of the individual needs, specifications and requirements of our customers, and facilitates our effort in delivering state-of-the-art customized technology to our customers. 

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Hans Aage Hjuler ,CEO ,+45 4135 5268

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Sub project 1

Construction of Improved HT-PEM MEAs and Stacks for Long Term Stable Modular CHP Units

Germany 6.097.180 €

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