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Nel Hydrogen

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology.

Since its foundation in 1927, Nel has a proud history of development and continual improvement of hydrogen plants. Our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to manufacturing of hydrogen fueling stations, providing all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.

General information


| DK, Industriparken 34 7400 Herning

Projects involved in

Project name SubProject Title Country Budget

Sub project 1

COst & PERformaNces Improvement for Cgh2 composite tanks

France 3.514.791 €

Sub project 1

COmbined hybrid Solution of Multiple HYdrogen Compressors for decentralised energy storage and refuelling stations

Germany 2.496.830 €

Sub project 1

Optimisation of Transport Solutions for Compressed Hydrogen

Germany 1.249.565 €
H2ME 2

Sub project 1

Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2

United Kingdom 106.223.890 €

Sub project 1

Hydrogen Mobility Europe

United Kingdom 71.901.050 €
H2moves Scandinavia

Sub project 1 Scandinavia

Germany 18.731.663 €

Sub project 1

European demonstration of hydrogen powered fuel cell materials handling vehicles

Germany 7.306.561 €

Sub project 1

HyLIFT-EUROPE - Large scale demonstration of fuel cell powered material handling vehicles

Germany 22.318.685 €

Sub project 1

Fuel cell systems and Hydrogen supply for Early markets

Denmark 3.822.390 €

Sub project 1

New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots

United Kingdom 2.471.144 €

Sub project 1

High Pressure Hydrogen All Electrochemical Decentralized RefUeling Station

Netherlands 6.309.832 €

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