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University of Genoa

The University of Genoa is one of the most valuable cultural and scientific heritage of the Mediterranean and the Italian north-western area. It is deeply interconnected with the city of Genoa and its economic framework. The University is located throughout the region, with campuses also in SavonaImperia and La Spezia.

The University meets the people's needs by offering physical resources –schools, departmentsstudy centresmanagement offices, as well as a computer centre – and human resources – teachers and the administrative staff. The University is strongly engaged in promoting the progress and the values of our society.

The University Library System (SBA) manages the library's heritage and offers high-quality services aimed at fostering the knowledge sharing.

During the Rolli days, the University of Genoa gives citizens and tourists the opportunity to visit many historic buildings included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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| IT, Via Montallegro 1 16145 Genova


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Sub project 1

Cost Competitive Component integration for StatiOnary Fuel Cell power

United Kingdom 7.868.775 €

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