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Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank terminal company. We store vital products with care. With over 400 years of history and a focus on sustainability, we ensure safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases for our customers. By doing so, we enable the delivery of products that are vital to our economy and daily lives, ranging from chemicals, oils, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils. We are determined to develop key infrastructure solutions for the world’s changing energy and feedstock systems, while also investing in digitalization and innovation. Vopak is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Activities in Europe

Vopak is a global company with a terminal network along major shipping routes. Our activities in Europe consist of ten marine terminals in the Netherlands, mainly in the Rotterdam area, as well as in Flushing and Northern Netherlands; Gate LNG terminal in Rotterdam, a joint-venture with gas network company Gasunie; three terminals in the port of Antwerp; two terminals in Spain. Vopak is also the operator of more than 18% of the product pipelines in the Port of Rotterdam. 


Facilitating new hydrogen supply chains

With partners across Europe, Vopak is exploring how to set up new renewable hydrogen supply chains between production and demand centers in Europe and beyond. Infrastructure will be needed to enable safe, substantial, flexible and cost-effective international transportation, storage and distribution of hydrogen, in addition to emerging hydrogen networks. Vopak aims to provide solutions by creating open access terminal infrastructure at both export and import locations for reception, conversion, storage, transportation and distribution of hydrogen. This will require the use of three technologies: Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers, Green Ammonia, and Liquefied Hydrogen. Vopak is also a partner in the H-vision project that aims to substantially reduce emissions of the Rotterdam industry through low-carbon hydrogen, thereby kick-starting the role of Rotterdam as a European hydrogen hub.


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