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Technical committees

The Coordination Group is divided into five committees, each working on sub-topics across energy and transport. Alongside serving as the fora through which Hydrogen Europe members exercise their right to shape FCH 2 JU Calls, the Committee leaders are technical experts who collaborate with the Advocacy Taskforce (ATF), as well as National and Regional Associations, to input into European Union consultations and represent the association on various issues.

Currently Marcus Newborough is the chair of the Coordination Goup and Olivier Bucheli the Deputy. 

Our Technical Committees

CT 1 - Fuel Cells for Vehicles

Leader: Bernardo  Mota  BMW

Deputy: Jörg Wind Daimler 

CT 2 - Transport Infrastructure

Leader: Marcus Newborough (ITM Power)

Deputy: Sosthène Grandjean (Air Liquide) 

CT 3 - Energy to Hydrogen

Leader: Beatriz Ruiz Castelló (Enagas)

Deputy: Louis Sentis (Air Liquide)


CT 4 - Fuel Cells for Power

Leader: Olivier Bucheli (Solid Power)

Deputy: Ilaria Rosso (Electro Power Systems)

CT 5 - Cross-Cutting

Leader: Simon Jallais (Air Liquide)

Deputy: Jacques Dubost (Engie)







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