Hydrogen Europe intelligence services help the European hydrogen industry navigate through market and technology developments as the European economy transitions towards net zero emissions by 2050. High-quality market and regulatory intelligence are delivered to help organizations transform their business models and make profitable investment decisions.


What can you get as a member?
Hydrogen Europe members have access to in-depth technology, market, and regulatory data and analyses through bespoke hydrogen ecosystem and thematic reports. They also have a unique opportunity to discuss market uptake challenges and opportunities directly peers and our experts.
Did you know that only four countries’ demand more than half of the total hydrogen consumed in Europe?
Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and Spain demand together 4,3 million tonnes of hydrogen per year!
Did you also know that the same four largest consumers of hydrogen in Europe have also the largest hydrogen supply capacities?
They can supply in total 5,4 million tonnes of hydrogen per year, or almost 50% of the total capacity in Europe.
Want to know more?
Hydrogen Europe members have free access to state-of-the-art data on the European hydrogen sector through the Clean Hydrogen Monitor; our annual flagship report. u can buy the report here for 299€ +VAT and if you’re a Hydrogen Europe member, please get in touch with members@hydrogeneurope.eu for our free discount code.

What else do you think our intelligence services can do for your organization?
Get in touch with us at fundingandintelligenceteam@hydrogeneurope.eu, we look forward to talking with you!

Hydrogen Demand

Data is presented on the current hydrogen demand landscape in Europe by type of industrial end use application.