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• We need to move away from fossil fuels, and for the world to reach net zero emission in 2050 we need renewable hydrogen. Our partner’s leading hydrogen subsidiary company will help drive the uptake of green hydrogen in sectors we can’t directly electrify – such as big parts of industry, long distance transport and shipping. The EU calls hydrogen the ‘the missing part in the puzzle to a fully decarbonized economy’. We aim to be part of solving that puzzle.

• We are an industrial venture with global ambitions, building on 115 years of experience within renewable energy and industry development to build world-leading capabilities and operational performance.

• Hydrogen is only as clean as the methods used to produce it, and our hydrogen is based on hydro, solar and wind power. Together with our partners, we have access to a global network of sites with large predictable offtake and favourable power sourcing agreements.

• We aim to be an early mover in the hydrogen industry and help industries succeed with their energy transition and cut emissions. If you are keen on an exciting job where you are part of tackling the key issue the world is facing, then join us!

Areas of Responsibility:
• As part of the Hydrogen Development team, you will join an industrial venture and play a pivotal part in creating a sustainable future. With your natural technical authority, you will actively develop the technical organization and projects resources competence on electrolyser and auxiliary systems.
• On our side, we promise that you will become part of an inclusive and collaborative team with a strong team mentality.

The hydrogen company will have the following technology interfaces:
• Development of hydrogen production solutions (including balance of plant) for customers inside
• Development of hydrogen production solutions for external customers in industry and transportation Work closely with OEMs and suppliers in the value chain including for the supply of renewable power And as a key leaver to creating value, work closely with our strategic partners

As Head of Hydrogen Technology your main responsibilities will include:
• Lead the global technology activities of Hydrogen, as part of the Development management team.

• Build and manage a technology team to work closely with the commercial and project business areas.

• Develop our strategic approach, technical roadmap and playbook across hydrogen technologies.

• Ensure that the Hydrogen team have the technical authority across electrolysers, safety and auxiliary systems.

• Clear internal communication with the senior management team and other key stakeholders.

• Lead early phase engineering and technology development programme.

• Develop deep partner, supplier and customer engagement.


• Deep and leading knowledge of electrolysers, auxiliary systems and BOP University degree in engineering/industrial economics or equivalent.

• Practical experience developing hydrogen electrolysers and hydrogen balance of plant systems 10-years’ experience from leading roles in the energy value chain, renewables or decarbonization.

• Experience from technology strategy processes and technology development programs.

• A robust understanding of the performance and economics of hydrogen electrolysis.

• Deep insight across hydrogen technologies including storage, transportation and conversion.

• Availability to travel to meet start-ups, suppliers, partners and clients and to conduct site visits.

• Experience working with joint industry programs and funding applications is an advantage.

• Operational experience with electrolyser plant and hydrogen consumption assets is an advantage.

• Experience with power markets and design for flexibility and balancing services is an advantage.

• Knowledge with interfacing energy technologies such as solar and batteries is an advantage.

• Experience in working with fuel synthesis or hydrogen derivatives is an advantage.

How to apply:

Contact – george.richardson@boss-energy.co.uk to apply now!

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