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Job Details

The Head of Product Management (HoPM) is a critical member of LIFTE’s technical leadership team. You will have responsibility for managing a team of high performing product managers each delivering an industry defining product to market. You will be expected to lead by example, taking responsibility for the most technically and commercially complex integrated product in LIFTE’s portfolio.

This role is critical to enable campaigns of profitable, reliable, and high performing hydrogen projects as the existing supply chains and products have significant deficiencies. Strategic technology commercialization and supply chain development is an enabler for the industry, and a core competency for LIFTE that creates differentiation.

You will collaborate primarily with three other complimentary teams: digital development, systems analysis, and supply chain development. LIFTE has a full stack IOT, cloud computing, and front-end digital development team which is critical to delivering high availability supply chains and reducing operating costs for LIFTE’s projects globally. Your team will incorporate the digital team’s technology into your product definitions wherever possible. You will direct and collaborate with the systems analysis team, leveraging their techno-economic modeling skillsets and engineering knowledge to develop critical technical insights that form your product strategies. The supply chain development team is responsible for the commercial agreements to support new product introduction, to complement your team’s commercial and technical skillsets.

Your team is responsible for developing go-to-market product strategies that identify technical and commercial gaps, and concrete action plans to address them while delivering advantage for both LIFTE and corporate partners. LIFTE develops supply chains and new technologies with a technology ecosystem mindset, partnering with the best in class hydrogen technology providers to improve existing technologies into high performing, robust, and fit-for-purpose serial products. Using these analysis-driven strategies, you will lead a team of Product Managers to scope and deliver Joint Development Agreements, special procurement arrangements, or internal development activities to deliver next-gen products to LIFTE’s engineering and project delivery teams.

You must have the technical background to be effective in one or more of the following product families:

  • hydrogen refueling protocols
  • hydrogen refueling & transfer systems
  • high pressure compression systems
  • high pressure storage systems
  • electrolysis systems (SOEC, PEM, ALK)

The HoPM will be a part of the CTO’s leadership team, reporting to the VP, Product Development. You will be expected to help the CTO and VP, Product Development build out your team to meet LIFTE’s growing demand.

Your Responsibilities

  • Supervise and train your team to hold responsibility for technical delivery and business value creation anticipated in their product strategies.
  • Based on deep techno-economic and market analysis, assist your team of product managers to develop actionable and credible product strategies that close the cost, performance, reliability, and safety gaps for LIFTE’s target use cases.
  • Ensure tight integration between your team the Supply Chain Development, and System Analysis teams to develop market and customer assessments, and to provide business cases for launching new technology commercialization programs.
  • Constantly be searching for differentiated technologies, companies, and service providers to improve LIFTE’s technology and delivery ecosystems.
  • Build a team that matches the growth and needs of the organization.
  • You will ensure Systems Engineering principles and practices are used to ensure new products support supply chain strategies, the products are reusable in other use cases, and commercial and technical scopes maintain alignment throughout the development
  • You will implement effective interface management processes within your teams.
  • Develop and implement a product management process.

Additional Details

  • Domestic travel at 10% and occasional international travel required
  • Position is based in Berlin, Germany
  • Combination of virtual and in office working (80/20)

Extremely Competitive Benefits Program

  • Urlaubsgeld
  • Weihnachtsgeld
  • Performance-based company profit sharing bonuses
  • Stock options possible
  • Betriebliche Altersvorsorge
  • VWL
  • Travel, health, and accident insurance
  • Jobrad
  • Competitive and environmentally friendly mobility options paid for by employer
  • Family friendly policies


What Experience & Education is Required?

  • Master’s in engineering, physics, or science
  • 15+ years combined experience in product development, product management with product strategy.
  • A record of successful product delivery, with a preference for at least 5 years delivering into energy or infrastructure projects
  • At least 5 years working in the hydrogen industry is required.
  • Formal education or on the job training in systems engineering is a significant asset

What Skills are Necessary for Success?

  • Persuasive: Outstanding cross-group collaboration skills and proven ability to drive results across multiple organizations
  • Excellent Communicator: Strong verbal/written communication and data presentation skills, especially for formulating compelling technical documents
  • Independent: Strong ability to work independently and handle ambiguity
  • Data driven: Ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions, recommendations, and drive action
  • Creative & Curious: Demonstrated track record of creative problem solving; thinks big, starts small, grows fast. Extreme curiosity and appetite for learning and growth
  • Detail Oriented: Strong attention to detail, creates error free work.
  • Speed: Ability to come up to speed and operate on technical and business concepts quickly

What Qualities are We Looking for?

  • Passion: your passion is incorporated in what you do and drives your progress.
  • Servant leadership: constant focus on how your work can serve the needs of others.
  • A focus on excellence: your work is error-free and complete.
  • Good judgment: your recommendations are sound.
  • High integrity: do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.
  • Community builder: We like each other and want you to be a contributing member of the LIFTE community in whichever way you are uniquely designed. Diversity of thought and approach is important to us.

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