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Seeking a Senior Project Engineer, Powertrain System that will be responsible for FCEV powertrain system performance and integration in coordination with FCEV teams including Fuel Cell, HV Battery, Power Electronics, E-Axle, and Thermal Systems to execute vehicle level FC powertrain system design, implementation, and validation; you will work closely with the Powertrain Engineering teams to implement controls logics for powertrain system to meet target vehicle use-cases.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide product and applications guide for Fuel Cell Powertrain during the complete life cycle of the project through product launch, and implementation of lessons learned on subsequent products (cradle-to-cradle responsibility).
  • Provide technical expertise and coordination on powertrain requirements definition, design implementation and system validation (DVP).
  • Lead powertrain systems DVP activities and provide technical coordination between subsystems.
  • Coordinate with commissioning teams to execute powertrain systems commissioning according to subsystems guidelines.
  • Work with validation teams to execute powertrain testing (bench, dyno, and field validation).
  • Provide feedback to controls and simulation teams to develop and integrate new or advanced technologies for improving vehicle and system efficiencies, to attain targeted vehicle fuel economy and to understand and document impacts/trade-offs to vehicle performance, drivability, and powertrain durability (fuel cell, HV battery and e-Driveline).
  • Support powertrain applications analysis and provide recommendations on use-cases for powertrain settings and calibration.


  • Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering or related.
  • 5+ Years of experience with Heavy duty trucks powertrain development.
  • A strong knowledge of the first-principal physics behind vehicle dynamic performance for heavy duty trucks for FCEV propulsion systems (fuel Cell, battery, and motor & inverter).
  • Firsthand knowledge & practical experience in MATLAB/Simulink and GT Suite/Autolion.
  • Track record of having developed vehicle and powertrain controls logic for BEV/FCEV heavy duty trucks including transmissions, motors, BMS, thermal management and power/energy management.
  • Solid understanding of system/component design/development processes.
  • Experience with deployment of BEV/FCEV heavy duty trucks with end customers (fleets).
  • Proven experience transitioning a vehicle platform from prototype to production readiness.

Contact: Brogan Gollop – Hydrogen Recruitment Consultant – brogan.gollop@boss-energy.co.uk

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