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In this role as the Service Expert, you will be responsible for the operational and service success of the SOFC system in internal and external deployments and therefore, act as a key interface to customers & partners. This includes the commissioning of SOFC systems in the field, as well as responding to the corresponding service & maintenance events. Analyzing data and understanding faults and patterns to provide guidance and solutions for continuous improvement is another key aspect of your role.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Manage Customer Success: Responsibility for the commissioning and the response to planned & unplanned service events at field deployment sites. Provide remote and field technical support for partners and customers while coordinating service efforts and spare parts management.
  • Track Test Protocols: Responsibility for the operation, oversight and tracking of test protocols of internal Bosch field technology deployments. Support technical project management team and partners with technical setup, installation, and deployment guidance.
  • Analyze, Understand, and Improve: Continuously monitor and analyze field operational data and performance. Detect, analyze, classify, and document faults and disturbances jointly with the core field observation & support team in Europe. Support the product development and engineering teams by providing feedback regarding field learnings / solutions to drive continuous improvement.
  • Educate & Train: Enable partners and customers to understand the fuel cell system details regarding integration, operation, and service & maintenance aspects.
  • Collaboration: Skilled at working cross-functioning with your team and not working alone in your own silo.
  • Contributor: Working in the details and execution of field pilots for a new.

This role involves daily work in the field to support customers in the greater Los Angeles area, with some support to the Bay area. Ability to be on call to respond to service events at customer locations.

Travel Expectation:

Ability to travel to Germany for 4 to 12 weeks for on-site training by the Core team at the start of the job and to travel to Germany for ongoing service training for new product generations.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in energy or technology fields, such as microgrids, distributed energy, renewable energy, Utility scale power, stationary generation technologies (Combined-heat-and-power, gas engines, fuel cells or similar) etc.
  • 3+ years of experience in commissioning, operating, servicing & maintaining stationary generation technologies in commercial and / or laboratory / experimental deployments including electrical. and mechanical qualification / expertise to autonomously carry out work on devices.
  • Associate’s degree in Technical discipline.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Technical or Science.
  • Comfortable working in a “startup” environment in the pre-commercial piloting stage moving into the operational stage.
  • Strong communication skills both customer facing and internally, able to communicate and influence stakeholders in a globally distributed team.
  • Strong self-starter.
  • Can easily work remote with digital tools for both internal and external communication and collaboration (i.e. Microsoft Teams, Mural, etc.).
  • Experience working with data analysis tools, such as Grafana and creating SQL tasks.
  • Experience in deploying / integrating stationary technologies for the provision of power and / or heat.
  • Experience in remote management / monitoring of assets in the field.
  • Experience in data analytics, fault detection and documentation.
  • Experience with technical project management and working in cross functional teams.
  • Experience with unit / system controls and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
  • Experience networking and troubleshooting communications with IoT devices.

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