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DTEK is the leading privately owned, diversified energy corporation based in Ukraine. Established in 2005, it currently operates in a form of a holding company with six fully owned sub-holdings in the spheres of renewable energy generation, electricity distribution, thermal power generation, electricity supply and energy management, natural gas production, energy commodities trading and coal mining. The company employs 70 thousand people.

DTEK investments are made through production upgrades, unique for the Ukrainian market innovative technologies, by building new capacities and creating new businesses. This is the way how DTEK contributes to the development of a new Ukrainian energy industry: clean, efficient and competitive. The company develops its businesses in line with global trends. The company cultivates innovations by developing educational business platform within the corporate university DTEK Academy, accelerating business transition within activities of Innovation DTEK and by implementing digital transformation via DTEK Modus program.

The company focuses on long-term sustainable development and in its activities adheres to the E S G criteria, which areĀ  ncorporated into DTEK strategy.

The DTEK Group is going through a phase of corporate restructuring and strategic widening of its horizons to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities offered by energy transition, energy market reform and decarbonization policies. DTEK has made operational efficiency, renewable energy generation and customer-orientation the core of its strategy to transform itself into a leading international energy utility committed to decentralizing, decarbonizing and diversifying its operations.

DTEK is part of SCM, a leading private investment company active in energy, metals & mining, telecommunications, banking, news media, transportation, sport, property development, trading, agriculture and other commercial sectors.

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