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Fraunhofer ICT-IMM Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT, Branch IMM

By developing technological innovations and novel systems solutions for their customers, the Fraunhofer Institutes help to reinforce the competitive strength of the economy in their region, throughout Germany and in Europe. The Fraunhofer ICT-IMM is part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with currently 66 institutes and research units. Our scientists carry out research and development within the key competences Decentralized and Mobile Energy Technology, Continuous Chemical Engineering, Medical Probes and Technical Sensors, Microfluidic Analysis Systems and Nanoparticle Technologies. The knowledge we gain and the developments which evolve from these fields are applied in the business areas Energy and Environment; Chemistry, Process Technology, Aviation and Aerospace; Biomedical Analytics and Diagnostics, Security as well as Industrial Analytics Applications.



General information


| DE, Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 18-20 55129 Mainz


Activities in value chain

Projects involved in

Project name SubProject Title Country Budget

Sub project 1

Automotive Fuel Cell Stack Cluster Initiative for Europe II

Germany 14.673.625 €

Sub project 1

Compact Multifuel-Energy To Hydrogen converter

Italy 4.933.250 €

Sub project 1

Grid Integrated Multi Megawatt High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers for Energy Applications

Spain 3.301.391 €

Sub project 1

Efficient use of resources in energy converting applications

Germany 6.299.714 €

Sub project 1

Fuel Cell Based Power Generation

Slovenia 9.309.998 €

Sub project 1

Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly

Netherlands 2.999.185 €

Sub project 1

HYdrogen ACceptance IN the Transition pHase

Spain 999.383 €

Sub project 1

Hydrogen Transport in European Cities

United Kingdom 29.256.315 €

Sub project 1

Development of a Portable Internal Reforming Methanol High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System

Greece 3.440.043 €

Sub project 1

Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for micro-CHP applications

Netherlands 2.954.984 €

Sub project 1

Stack design for a Megawatt scale PEM electrolyser.

Norway 3.912.286 €

Sub project 1

Next-Generation PEM Electrolyser for Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Norway 3.068.183 €

Sub project 1

Novel materials and system designs for low cost, efficient and durable PEM electrolysers

Norway 5.923.912 €

Sub project 1

PEMFC system and low-grade bioethanol processor unit development for back-up and off-grid power applications

Finland 4.586.324 €

Sub project 1

Development of PEM Fuel Cell Stack Reference Test Procedures for Industry

Germany 5.637.780 €

Sub project 1

STAble and low cost Manufactured bipolar plates for PEM Fuel Cells

Norway 5.223.807 €

Sub project 1

Investigations on degradation mechanisms and Definition of protocols for PEM Fuel cells Accelerated Stress Testing

France 2.748.195 €

Sub project 1

Mass manufacture of MEAs using high speed deposition processes

Germany 3.189.816 €

Sub project 1

Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications

France 2.996.873 €

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