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GenCell Ltd

GenCell is a designer, manufacturer and provider of a power backup solutions based on advanced alkaline fuel cell technology. Headquartered in Israel, the company has a regional presence, distribution and support network in Europe, North, Central and South Americas.


The GenCell G5 long-duration UPS offers a variety of unique, power backup solutions for telecommunication, homeland security and utility markets in a range of 3-15 kW power output.


The GenCell G5rx utility substations backup solution operates as a direct source of backup power, resistant to high-voltage interference, earthquakes and EMPs.


The GenCell A5 continuous power, the next-generation power solution can operate on a liquefied ammonia, combining advantages of low temperature fuel cells with the use of widely available, unexpensive liquid fuel.


Ammonia has been identified as an excellent hydrogen carrier, due to its high hydrogen density (denser than liquid hydrogen) and global availability (being the second largest synthetic commodity product of the chemical industry). Its liquid form makes it suitable for storage and transportation by barges, trucks and pipelines from a producer to an ultimate consumer.


Therefore ammonia as a fuel has significant advantages in cost due to its higher density and ease of storage and distribution.


This is an attractive solution for customers which either do not have access to hydrogen supply or require backup power in remote areas where hydrogen transportation and distribution is expensive and economically prohibitive.

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