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GERG - European Gas Research Group

GERG - The European Gas Research Group

The European Gas Research Group is a research and development organisation with a unique role in Europe. Together, our 21 members from 11 countries constitute a high quality research resource, numbering in excess of 2000 staff.

Our members identify the most relevant issues in each major sector of the gas business, today and for the future, and together we ensure they are adequately covered by high quality R&D.

The current focus of GERG is on six strategic areas: Biomethane, Hydrogen, Methane emissions, LNG, Utilisation/Distribution/Quality and Production/Transmission/Storage.

By avoiding wasteful duplication of effort, GERG aims to maximise the value of gas research carried out in Europe. The Group provides the appropriate forum for discussion, technological exchange and dissemination. Committees of technical experts, drawn from the member organisations, meet on a regular basis. Their objectives are to exchange ideas, to explore the potential for collaboration and, most important, to establish and monitor GERG projects.

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| BE, Avenue Palmerston 4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

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Robert Judd ,Secretary General

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