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Honda R&D Europe GmbH

As part of its independent organizational structure, Honda R&D cooperates with Honda's distribution centers and production facilities for the automotive and motorcycles product lines in an equal partnership.


The European Honda network unites a common goal: tailor-made products for the benefit of our customers in Europe. At Honda R&D Europe, predominantly European employees develop mobility concepts for "their" regional market as well as contibute to technology solutions for the global market.


Aiming to Realize a Hydrogen Society
In its endeavor to realize the joy and freedom of movement and an enriched sustainable society, Honda has on the one hand been developing fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), and on the other, has pursued its own research and development of hydrogen stations that efficiently generate hydrogen from renewable energy, as a low-carbon technology to "generate" hydrogen for "use" by FCVs.


As one of its achievements, Honda has realized the readily-installable, completely-packaged Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) which enables local energy generation and provision. Honda has also developed portable external power output devices and rechargers that enable electricity generated by FCVs to be used by households and public facilities, and can “get connected” to society in disaster situations.


By bringing a hydrogen society that can "generate," "use," and "get connected" closer, Honda strives to contribute even more to people's lives and society.
Honda also is committed to furthering hydrogen technologies to make FCVs more useful than conventional vehicles, and to use these technologies to create new connections between people, society, and vehicles.

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