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Teréga S.A.


A key regional and national operator in the field of energy, for more than 70 years Teréga has been making us of its exceptional knowledge and expertise in the development and exploitation of transport and gas storage infrastructures. A central link in a chain connecting energy producers and consumers, our infrastructures are vital for the security of supply to both private individuals and the industry. Located at the crossroads of major European gas flows, we also hold a key strategic position in the rise of a great Europe of energy. Gas, at the heart of our jobs and expertise, is an energy of the future. The diversity of its forms and its applications, its flexibility and all the innovative technological drivers that it is able to activate make it and indispensable ally for planning a controlled energy transition.

Being convinced of the need for a new energy system where carbon neutrality is possible thanks to a more diverse mix with a majority of renewables, we are banking on new technologies and new ways of doing things. Every day, thanks to our expert and dedicated teams, we are therefore devising new solutions for growing sectors such as biomethane, or those yet to be invented such as "multi-energy" networks.

Privileged partners in the management of our regions, we are continuing our investments in safety and security, maintenance and strengthening of our infrastructures, so as to make a network that is constantly becoming safer, more effective and better integrated into its environment available to all.

Our ambition (embodied and piloted by our IMPACTS 2025 strategy plan) is to allow gas to fully play out its role as a key driver in the energy transition.

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