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UL - University of Lorraine

Université de Lorraine (UL, University of Lorraine) results from the merging of the 4 universities of Nancy and Metz and is the second biggest university in France with 62.000 students. Labs and researchers are involved in FCH development for more than 15 years mainly in hydrogen production, PEM-FC and power-electronics dedicated to electrochemical components. In association with several partners (CNRS, INRA, INRIA, INSERM, CHRU Nancy, AgroParisTech, and Georgia Tech Lorraine), Université de Lorraine has recently obtained the I-SITE label from the French call on Excellence initiatives for a programme called “Lorraine Université d’Excellence” (LUE). LUE will provide, over a long period, dedicated funding to the development of our academic site as a European and international reference on Global Engineering. The programme will be focused on six major social and economic challenges, for which academic institutions and companies can complement each other in order to develop innovative solutions. One of these social and economic challenges is the Energies for the future with a focus on Hydrogen. A multidisciplinary research programme on FCH is ongoing with 11 labs and about 50 researchers, fostering innovation and excellent science from basic research (Hydrogen production, PEM-FC, micro-grids… ) to social and economic sciences (economics, ergonomics…).

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Heathcliff Demaie ,Project and Partnership Manager - Hydrogen and Energy ,+33 6 16 12 16 91

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Mass manufacture of MEAs using high speed deposition processes

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