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Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research Centre (HySAFER) at Ulster is one of the key providers of hydrogen safety research and education/training globally. HySAFER is involved in fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) safety research since 2004 as a part of the European Network of Excellence HySafe. Co-founder of International Association for Hydrogen Safety (, member of IEA HIA Task 37 Hydrogen Safety, ISO TC197 Hydrogen Technologies, etc. The thrust is on analytical and numerical studies and collaboration with centres of excellence in experimental research. The goals include, but not limited to, closing knowledge gaps and resolving technological bottlenecks in FCH safety, development of breakthrough safety strategies and engineering solutions. Research outcomes are published in eBook “Fundamentals of Hydrogen Safety Engineering” ( 

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| GB, Shore Road, Newtownabbey County BT37 OQB Antrim


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Projects involved in

Project name SubProject Title Country Budget

Sub project 1

Identification, Preparation and Dissemination of Hydrogen Safety Facts to Regulators and Public Safety Officials

Germany 1.400.631 €

Sub project 1

Pre-normative research on safe indoor use of fuel cells and hydrogen systems

France 3.657.760 €

Sub project 1

European Hydrogen Emergency Response training programme for First Responders

France 2.503.522 €

Sub project 1

Novel Education and Training Tools based on digital applications related to Hydrogen and Fuel CellTechnology

Germany 1.596.008 €

Sub project 1

SUpport to SAfety ANalysis of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

Germany 2.119.670 €

Sub project 1

Building Training Programmes for Young Professionals in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Field

United Kingdom 381.371 €

Sub project 1

Pre-normative research for safe use of liquide hydrogen

Our events 1.905.863 €

Sub project 1

Teaching Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Science and Engineering Across Europe within Horizon 2020

Our events 1.248.529 €

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