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ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Zhe Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has long-standing experience in the development of computational models on several length scales, from the porous microstructure of electrodes to large-scale commercial stacks of electrochemical cells, based on various numerical solution techniques such as Pore Network Simulation, Monte Carlo Methods, Finite Element Methods, Finite Volume Methods, etc. This unique expertise has previously enabled ZHAW to collaborate with several industrial partners in the development of new fuel cell models, models of photoelectrochemical cells for hydrogen production, and catalysis reactions for chemical engineering of synthetic fuels. Moreover, different redox flow battery models have been created in collaboration with industry and academia.

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| CH, Institute of Computational Physics Zurich University of Applied Sciences Wildbachstrasse 21 Postfach 805 CH-8401 Winterthur


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J├╝rgen Schumacher ,Team Leader Electrochemical Cells and Energy Systems ,+41 58 934 6989

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