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15 Apr.2020

2x40GW Green Hydrogen Initiative Paper

Hydrogen Europe is happy to announce the publication of its 2x40GW Green Hydrogen Initiative paper! 


This is an initiative of the European industry association Hydrogen Europe with the objective to promote a massive increase of electrolyser production within the EU in order to support green hydrogen production. The 2x40 GW Green Hydrogen Initiative can be regarded as a great asset for the implementation of the European Green Deal. EVP Timmermans stated, in a recent discussion with the hydrogen industry, the support to make “a success of this initiative”. For further information on the initiative, please click here.


This paper presents concrete next steps to underpin a concrete industrial roll-out. A roadmap for a 40 GW electrolyser capacity in the EU by 2030 shows a 6 GW captive market (hydrogen production at the demand location) and 34 GW hydrogen market (hydrogen production near the resource). A roadmap for 40 GW electrolyser capacity in North Africa and Ukraine by 2030 includes 7,5 GW hydrogen production for the domestic market and a 32,5 GW hydrogen production capacity for export. If a 2x40 GW electrolyser market in 2030 is realised alongside the required additional renewable energy capacity, renewable hydrogen will become cost-competitive with fossil (grey) hydrogen. By realising a 2x40 GW electrolyser capacity, producing green hydrogen, about 82 million-ton CO2 emissions per year could be avoided in the EU.


Click here to access the paper and enjoy the read!