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22 Jun.2020

The EU Hydrogen Strategy: Hydrogen Europe’s Top 10 Key Recommendations

Hydrogen Europe is delighted to announce its latest publication: "The EU Hydrogen Strategy: Hydrogen Europe’s Top 10 Key Recommendations".


Meeting the EU’s long-term climate and energy goals and realising the promise of the Green Deal means carbon free power, increased energy system efficiency and deep decarbonisation of industry, transport and buildings. Achieving all this will require both electrons and molecules, and more specifically: clean hydrogen (renewable and low carbon hydrogen) at large scale. Without it, the EU will not achieve its decarbonisation targets. As such, clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based solutions are set to play a systemic role in the transition to renewable sources by providing a mechanism to flexibly transfer energy across sectors, time and place, in order to meet demand.


With a view to the upcoming publication of the European Commission’s proposals for an EU Hydrogen Strategy and the Communication on Energy System Integration, this paper outlines our association’s top 10 key recommendations. These recommendations have been developed with the aim of creating a framework that supports and enhances the uptake of clean hydrogen and promotes its role as an enabler for sectoral integration. Moreover, our recommendations aim at making the EU the central market place for clean hydrogen as a global commodity.