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02 Nov.2020

Northern Netherlands Hydrogen Investment Plan

On 30th October, businesses and government bodies in the Northern Netherlands have published the Northern Netherlands Hydrogen Investment Plan. The plan includes investments totaling up to 9 billion euros and could secure some 66,000 existing jobs in areas like gas infrastructure and mobility and help create between 25,000 (in 2030) and 41,000 (in 2050) new jobs in areas like maintenance and operations. The parties in the Northern Netherlands want to play a pioneering role in this area, ahead of implementation throughout the rest of the country and Europe.


Hydrogen Valley of Europe

In recent years, the Northern Netherlands has been fully committed to the development of hydrogen ecosystems. This has gained the region European recognition (FCH JU), and it is now acknowledged as the leading Hydrogen Valley in Europe: a fully-developed ecosystem of green hydrogen, from its production and transmission to its use in industry, mobility and the built environment. The unique characteristics of the Northern Netherlands have contributed to this achievement. The region offers great potential for large-scale wind energy and has sufficient production locations. The gas infrastructure is already in place and the region has both access to the market and knowledge of and experience with the transmission of gases and the trade in these.


Especially now, when the economy could use a boost and with the sharper focus on the climate goals, hydrogen offers the Netherlands and the EU an opportunity to make the transition to sustainable energy.


You can find the full text of the Northern Netherlands Hydrogen Investment Plan here.