Hydrogen Europe Research

Hydrogen Europe Research (HER) is an international non–profit association composed of 103 universities and Research & Technology Organisations (RTO) from 25 countries all over Europe and beyond. Our members are active within the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector. 

Our activities

HER is a partner in the European Joint Undertaking on Hydrogen

HER is one of the three participants of the European Joint Undertaking (JU) on Hydrogen, alongside its industry counterpart Hydrogen Europe (HE) and the European Commission. From 2008 to 2020, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JUs (FCH JU & FCH 2 JU) have been unique public private partnerships supporting Research, Technological development and Demonstration (RTD) activities in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies in Europe. HER will continue to participate in the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, officially launched on Monday 29 November at the opening of the Hydrogen Week.

HER’s members contribute to the preparation of the Clean Hydrogen JU’s Multi-Annual and Annual funding priorities. In cooperation with Industry, they have the unique possibility to shape the focus of the Programme. Concretely, HER members participate in the different Technical Committees and roadmaps shared with HE where annual strategic priorities are discussed and topics for future Calls for proposals are drafted. The Technical Committees and roadmaps are included in the three pillars of the JU (Pillar 1: Hydrogen production; Pillar 2: Hydrogen storage, transport and distribution; Pillar 3, Hydrogen end-uses) and listed below.


In collaboration with the European Commission, this work contributes to the development of the Annual Work Plans which translates into public Calls for proposals. This is a great opportunity for any entity in the sector that desires to have an impact on the development of hydrogen across Europe.

HER follows and discusses European policies with its members

In February 2021, HER launched its own policy Working Group to discuss policy developments at European level which could impact the activities of its members. The purpose of this group is to promote the voice of the European scientific community on the European political stage, focusing on research and innovation in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells. From the expertise and shared knowledge of its members in this field, HER wishes to become a reference point for European politicians and policy makers. We welcome any opportunity to present the vision of our membership, with the objective to address the bottlenecks for research and strive for the development of a hydrogen economy in order to achieve the EU’s sustainability and climate objectives.

HER wishes to create a hydrogen skills agenda

Connected to a membership base strongly involved in skills and trainings, HER considers the topic as an essential aspect of the development of a hydrogen economy. Our implication as a partner in the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Observatory led us to work on the identification of all kind of trainings relevant to the field, and of materials publicly available following EU projects. Furthermore, we recently launched together with HE an ad-hoc Working Group on skills to discuss these problematics and engage with actors from all the value chain.

Our Organisation

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the Association. It determines the general policy of the Association and has all powers needed for the realisation of the Association’s objectives. General Assembly meetings are held at least twice a year with all members.

The Executive Board manages the day-to-day business of the association. There are 10 elected Board members: the President, the Vice-President and Treasurer, the Chair for External Affairs and 7 Technical Committee (TC) leaders following the activities of each TCs in the JU. They are elected for a two-years mandate and the last elections took place in July 2020. The Board meets monthly to discuss the activities of the association.

The Board is supported in its tasks by a Secretariat of two full-time employees based in Brussels. The Secretariat follows and organises the activities of the association.



To join us

Full members

Organisations eligible to join HER as Full Member must be actively involved in the hydrogen and fuel cells sector and have their seat and main administration in a Member State of the European Union (EU), in a State party to the European Economic Area Agreement (EEA), or in an Associated Country to the European research and innovation framework programme.

The entities must meet the following criteria:

a) Non-profit organisation not linked by affiliation or substantial contractual links to industry (including companies represented in the Industry Grouping, HE);


b) Public research organisation or university; for the purpose of this provision the term “public” means organisations funded by national or local governments at a rate of at least 33 % of their expenses for the purpose of science, education or research for the public benefit.

The annual membership fee for full members is €3,500 per year.

Associate members

A status of Associate Member also exists for:

  • Associations of research organisations complying with the criteria listed for full members and sharing the objective and scope of activities of Hydrogen Europe Research;
  • Organisations outside the geographic range defined for full members but complying with the criteria to be member and sharing the objective and scope of activities of Hydrogen Europe Research.

The rights of associate members are limited. To know more about this, please contact the Secretariat.

The annual membership fee for full members is €1,000 per year.


The procedure for obtaining HER membership starts with the submission of a filled application form via e-mail (the original hard copy can later be sent by post). Please note that the legal representative of your institution has to sign the application form, a signature by the head of your department or institute might therefore not be sufficient.

After submitting the application, Hydrogen Europe Research’s members have to vote on accepting you as a member. This may take place during our General Assembly meetings that are held twice a year, or organised via distance voting, if enough applications have been received.

We encourage you to first contact the Secretariat before initiating an application process. You can contact us at the following address: secretariat[at]hydrogeneuroperesearch.eu.

We are looking forward to working with you!


Email: secretariat@hydrogeneuroperesearch.eu 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/H2_Research 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hydrogen-europe-research/ 

Please note that the new website of Hydrogen Europe Research is still under development and this page with limited information is provisional.


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