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Working Groups & Task Forces

Advocacy Taskforce (ATF)
The ATF aims to coordinate, collect and amplify members’ input into the daily advocacy work developed by the Secretary General and the Secretariat team. The main focus of the ATF is on EU level; regional or national level issues raised by members and/or other parties will be assessed on ad-hoc basis depending on their relevance for the broader European dimension.

Gas Grid Working Group (GGWG)
The aim of the GGWG is to analyse the regulatory barriers, the business cases and technical issues faced today by the industry as well as to position Hydrogen Europe in order to respond to a growing demand from gas organisations (e.g: ENTSO-G’s Ten Years Network Develpoment Plan) and the European Institutions.

Mobility Working Group (MOWG)
The MOWG will enable Hydrogen Europe to outline the sector’s ambitions in the transport sector as well as work on specific issues of legislative relevance. In particular, the current discussion on the 3 Mobility Packages stressed the need for a focused and structured approach so as to extend Hydrogen Europe’s reach in this sector and its activities in other segments such as Buses, Heavy Duty, Train, etc.

Maritime Working Group (MAWG)
In a context of decarbonising the transport sector there is currently no consensus on which technology (fuel and energy converter) fits best which application within the shipping industry. This working group aims to bring together the hydrogen and shipping industries and organise a continous dialogue to obtain a common view on the precise contribution of fuel cells and hydrogen & hydrogen-rich fuels, and how to implement it.

Communications Task Force (CTF)
The CTF aims to establish, support, coordinate, collect and amplify members’ input and the communication work developed by the Secretary General and the Secretariat team of Hydrogen Europe.