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Position Overview:

As a Hydrogen Pipeline Engineer, you will play a critical role in the design, development, and maintenance of hydrogen pipeline systems. Your expertise will be essential in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of hydrogen, a clean and emerging energy carrier, to various destinations.

This role requires a deep understanding of pipeline engineering principles, materials, safety protocols, and regulatory compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design, model, and optimize hydrogen pipeline systems for maximum efficiency, safety, and reliability.
  • Assess and recommend appropriate materials for hydrogen pipeline construction to prevent material degradation and ensure long-term integrity.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards, including those specific to hydrogen transportation, and implement risk mitigation strategies.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of hydrogen pipelines and develop strategies to minimize emissions, leaks, and other potential environmental concerns.
  • Implement quality control processes and conduct inspections to ensure the highest standards are met during pipeline construction and maintenance.
  • Develop and implement maintenance schedules and monitoring protocols to proactively address issues and prevent downtime.
  • Create and oversee emergency response plans for pipeline incidents, including leak detection and mitigation strategies.
  • Stay up-to-date with evolving regulations related to hydrogen transportation and ensure that pipeline systems adhere to all applicable laws and codes.
  • Collaborate with other engineering disciplines, project managers, and stakeholders to ensure successful project execution.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in hydrogen pipeline technology and contribute to research efforts aimed at advancing the field.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, Chemical, or Civil Engineering, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred). Professional engineering licensure (PE) is an asset.
  • Proven experience in pipeline engineering, with a focus on hydrogen or similar gaseous substances.
  • Strong knowledge of pipeline design software, safety standards, and industry best practices.
  • Familiarity with environmental regulations and emissions reduction strategies.
  • Exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Effective communication and teamwork abilities.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to safety.

How to apply?

Send your CV to Brogan Gollop – Senior Hydrogen Recruitment Consultant – brogan.gollop@boss-energy.co.uk

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