The category of European Regional Membership is open and accessible to any legal entity cumulatively meeting the following criteria:

  • Having the legal personality;
  • Being duly constituted in accordance with the laws and practices of its country of origin;
  • Being a regional public authority, i.e. (i) any public administration, including public advisory bodies, at regional or local level; (ii) any legal entity performing public administrative functions under national law, including specific duties, activities or services in relation to the environment; and (iii) any legal entity having public responsibilities or functions, or providing public services relating to the environment under the control of a body or person falling within (i) or (ii);
  • Having its registered office or its principal place of activity in the territory being composed of (i) the EU, (ii) the EEA, (iii) the Associated Countries, (iv) the Candidate Countries, (v) the United Kingdom and (vi) Switzerland and (e) Complying with Article 15.1 of Hydrogen Europe’s Bylaws.

  There shall be only one (1) European Regional Member per region.


Please follow the below steps to become a member of Hydrogen Europe.

- European Regional membership application form

- Bylaws

- Charter

- Code of conduct


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