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France, Paris, (On-site)
Posted 1 year ago

Leading Clean Technology company is seeking a Senior Stack Engineer to oversee the development of an Electrolyser stack product, while collaborating with the stack team. The position requires the following responsibilities:

  • Using CAD software to design electrochemical stacks for CO2
  • Applying theoretical calculations and computational simulations to dimension systems such as manifolds, thermal exchangers, pumps, and circulation loops
  • Exploring new flow field designs for specific applications
  • Co-leading innovative product design
  • Overseeing manufacturing planning/ordering and supplier relations

The ideal candidate should possess a practical and experienced skillset in mechanical design engineering, as well as strong knowledge in computer-aided design, fluid mechanics, thermal management, and solid mechanics. Experience in combustion engines, Electrolysers, fuel cells, or fluid/thermal management is preferred.

The company values a pragmatic and hands-on approach, and is looking for someone who is passionate about contributing to environmental sustainability.

How to apply?

Send your CV to Brogan Gollop at brogan.gollop@boss-energy.co.uk

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