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Hydrogen Europe is seeking a qualified Administration and Finance Manager for its office in Brussels, Belgium. This is a key position in the organisation, responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the office, ensuring proper financial, administrative and HR service to support a 5-10-person team, the association board and broader membership. The Administration and Finance Manager will report to and work closely alongside Hydrogen Europe’s Director.

If you are interested to become part of a fast growing sector and of a motivated and young team, please read the full job description here or by clicking on the title and get directly in touch with us.

We are looking for a motivated Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies Manager with a proven track record. The Technologies Manager will work closely with the 5 technical committee leaders helping them to run their committee and prepare the annual funding priorities and will play an active role in preparing the multi-annual innovation plan. Moreover, he will gather existing techno-economic data on fuel cells and hydrogen and structure them in useful databases.

If you are interested to become part of a fast growing sector and of a motivated and young team, please read the full job description here or by clicking on the title and get directly in touch with us.

About hydrogen  

Hydrogen can power our everyday lives by heating our homes, powering our industries charging our appliances and fuelling our cars, buses and ships

  • Hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe. We can’t see it but it’s everywhere
  • It can be produced using any primary source of energy, including renewables, making it potentially limitless
  • It can create 100% carbon neutral clean energy. No emissions whatsoever!

How it works

Hydrogen works best in combination with fuel cells which are two times more efficient than traditional combustion engines.

Beyond clean power, the only by-products are water and potentially useable heat.

Wide range of applications

Hydrogen technologies have the unique potential to connect our energy, transport and industry sectors.


Europeans need economic growth, energy security and climate change action. Hydrogen technologies can deliver by:

  • Creating new business and commercial opportunities for European companies
  • Storing domestic renewables at a virtually unlimited scale
  • Decarbonising transport through the deployment of zero-emission vehicles
  • Reducing energy consumption as well as emissions of greenhouse gases, pollutants and particulates for heating and decentralized power production

Our Vision

Making hydrogen energy an everyday reality across Europe

Our Mission

We bring together diverse industry players, large companies and SMEs, who support the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. We do this to enable the adoption of an abundant and reliable energy which efficiently fuels Europe’s low carbon economy.

What we do

We represent the views and aspirations of the hydrogen and fuel cells industry in Europe.

We seek to promote hydrogen and fuel cells as clean and efficient technologies.

We are a dedicated resource for stakeholders wanting more information on the benefits hydrogen and fuel cells could bring to society.

We develop, in coordination with our members, the necessary materials, documents and position papers to achieve our mission.

We help our members to develop their business activities in Europe.

Who we are

Hydrogen Europe (formerly known as NEW-IG) is the leading industry association representing almost 100 companies, both large and SMEs, working to make hydrogen energy an everyday reality. Hydrogen Europe partners with the European Commission and the research community to accelerate the market introduction of these clean technologies in the energy and transport sectors.

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