Clean Ammonia in the Future Energy System

Clean Ammonia in the Future Energy System

Ammonia is, already today, a global commodity of strategic importance. While it has a range of various applications in many industries such as chemical, refrigeration, mining, pharmaceuticals, it is its use for the production of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers which makes it a key element for global food security. In fact, ammonia supports food production for around half of the global population. With around 2.5 million tonnes of hydrogen being used as feedstock to produce ammonia every year, the sector accounts for almost a third of all current hydrogen production and consumption in Europe. 

Moreover, ammonia is also now in the spotlight as a potential enabler for the 10 Mt of hydrogen imports target put forward by the EU. As a hydrogen derivative that already counts around 20 Mt of trade annually, 17-18 Mt by ships, the logistics infrastructure needed for its efficient and safe handling is largely in place. In terms of applications, ammonia could either be cracked back to hydrogen or used directly both as a feedstock and as an energy storage system (for power generation, for instance). 

Full sustainability can only be achieved, however, if the hydrogen used to produce ammonia in the first place is clean. Here, different challenges and opportunities come into play, especially in the EU. If RED targets are sending clear signals to domestic producers to start investing in clean technologies, adequate policy measures are also necessary to avoid the risk of carbon leakage. Are the CBAM discussions going in the right direction to achieve this result? How is the industry getting ready to achieve the ambitious targets set by the EU?   

Acknowledging ammonia’s important role in the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy, Hydrogen Europe developed a report analysing both the challenges and opportunities that arise with the decarbonisation of the sector, as well as the new applications that are being considered for this hydrogen derivative. During the next H2 Talks, Hydrogen Europe presented the main conclusions of the study, followed-up by a panel that brought together different stakeholders that shared their first-hand impressions on the role of clean ammonia in the energy transition. 

Speakers included:

  • Mark Stoelinga, Business Manager Hydrogen, Port of Rotterdam 
  • Vibeke Rasmussen, SVP Product Management and Certification at Yara Clean Ammonia, YARA International   
  • Tomasz Wlostowski, EU Policy, Regulatory and Trade Affairs, Grupa Azoty
  • Maria João Duarte, Representative to EU Institutions, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA
  • Joana Fonseca, Senior Analyst, Hydrogen Europe

Moderated by: Stephen Jackson, Deputy CEO, Chief Technology & Market Officer, Hydrogen Europe

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