The category of Global Partner Membership is open and accessible to any legal entity cumulatively meeting the following criteria:

    a. Having a legal personality;
    b. Being duly constituted in accordance with the laws and practices of its country of origin;
    c. Being a for-profit legal entity, i.e. a legal entity having as purpose to generate profits to be distributed between its founders, shareholders and/or directors;
    d. Having its registered office or its principal place of business in any other territory than the ones referred in Article 6.1 (d) of these Bylaws;
    e. The country where it has its registered office has concluded a(n) (partnership) agreement or a memorandum of understanding with the EU or with EU Member 10/39 States or with the Association (i) regarding amongst others hydrogen and (ii) which is relevant for the realisation of the non-profit purpose of the Association; and
    f. Complying with Article 15.1 of Hydrogen Europe’s Bylaws


Please follow the below steps to become a member of Hydrogen Europe.

- Global partner application form

- Bylaws


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