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Repsol is a global, integrated company at the forefront of the international energy sector. We operate in 34 countries with a team comprising over 24,000 people who work on building a sustainable future.
We are present across the entire value chain in a sustainable and competitive way: exploration and production, transformation, development, and marketing of energy that is efficient, sustainable, and competitive for millions of people.
At Repsol, we are resolutely committed to sustainability. It is essential to generate value today and in the future to society and, therefore, to our company. In the last four years, we have invested over 350 million euros in seeking new ways to generate sustainable and efficient energy.
We are the first energy company to set as objective to be net zero emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement, and we are aligning our entire value chain in order to achieve it. We believe in technological innovation as a way to create a new energy model, in which growth and competitiveness co-exist with emissions reduction. 
Regarding hydrogen, among the advantages of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is the versatility of their energy uses. They constitute a more sustainable alternative to the traditional hydrogen that is used in industrial processes, mainly in the production of ammonia and oil refining. Nevertheless, Repsol has the potential to be present in all renewable hydrogen's value chain.

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