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Storengy is committed to the energy transition in three main areas: storing natural gas and providing flexibility, generating and storing renewable gases (hydrogen, synthetic methane, biogas), developing geothermal solutions.

Storengy has all the necessary expertise needed to deliver projects involving the production and storage of renewable hydrogen: from wind, solar, hydraulic power, hydrogen is produced by electrolysis and stored in this way and can supply several nearby industrial consumers and vehicle filling stations. Synthetic methane produced from CO2 and hydrogen will be injected into the gas network and/or supplied for household use or to provide mobility. Hydrogen can also be a by-product of industrial process, particularly chlorine-sodium electrolysis and can be used in the same way after purification and conditioning.

Storengy's expertise extends to feasibility studies, engineering design, construction, operations and maintenance, industrial safety and includes specialist knowledge of geo-sciences.

With 21 natural gas storage facilities in Europe (France, Germany and the United Kingdom), Storengy offers decentralized hydrogen production solutions close to where it is consumed.

Whenever there is excess electricity derived from renewable sources (RES), an electrolyser can be used this surplus energy to produce hydrogen that can then be stored in above-ground or underground facilities, as applicable.

Existing infrastructure, partners (start-ups, component manufacturers) ad customers (local authorities, companies and industries) can rely on Storengy's commitment to and capacity to invest in large-scale hydrogen production and storage projects. Company can provide tailor-made solutions that optimize the needs expressed by their customers by applying their extensive understanding of hydrogen chain and their technical know-how.

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